Monday, 17 October 2016

Two Cheap And Easy Halloween DIY'S....

Seeing as it is October and all, I thought I would share some quick and, if you opt to go the thrifting route, cheap, DIY Halloween decorations, all of the items shown are thrifted which means I didn't spend more than $10 for everything...which is even better considering I'm pretty broke most of the time....Enjoy....

   Roses are red....

Ok, so this was the quickest and least time consuming DIY, It was also the least frustrating because it didn't require any fiddling around like the second DIY did......I'm not a fiddly person, I get way too pissed off when things don't work the first couple of

For this DIY all you need is a glass bottle, I paid $1 for mine.
A rose, I paid 50cents for this white rose.
You'll also need some red paint and some black paint.

First, I stripped back the bottle, meaning I removed the lid and the little clasp thing, they probably have a name but I don't know what it is, I pulled that off and was just left with a plain old glass bottle.

Then I painted the bottle black, now preferably you would want glass paint, but I didn't have that and seeing as I wanted everything to be matte black, I opted for chalkboard paint. I also really didn't have much of choice either way because the only black paint I had was Chalkboard I painted the bottle and as it was drying, I took my tube of red paint and just started dabbing and jabbing the rose until I was happy with how it looked. Once I had finished the rose, I took the bottle and just simply placed the rose in it and that's it, everything done in under 10mins...Can't complain about that.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble...

Moving onto the second DIY, yup, you guessed it...hopefully...It's a Cauldron and for this DIY you will need

A glass jar of some variety, mason jar, anything that has somewhat of a Cauldron shape to it...I paid $2 for mine.
A base of some sort, If you're lucky enough, like me, to find an old candle stick base, then awesome. If not, you could use little bits of cork as a stand or anything that just resembles a stand. I paid $1 for this little candle stand.
Some wire or anything you can manipulate into Cauldron handles using some pliers. I found mine for $1
Some candles to melt down and poor into your jar. Paid $1 for all my candles.
Also, again, some black paint, Pliers and some little flowers or anything that looks like something you would use in a potion and a pot to melt your candles in.

First, I took the lid of my little jar, be a little more cautious than I was, I did flick myself in the face with the things holding the lid on, but, yes, I took the lid off so I was just left with the the base of the jar.....Like so..

I then removed the middle screw from the candle holder base so I was left with a nice clean base to stand my jar on once I painted it.

After I had done that, I proceeded to turn my wire into handles and a base to go around the neck of the jar, I then painted the jar with my chalkboard paint and waited for it dry. Once it was dry, I placed it on it base and was left with this.

I then moved onto melting the candles, pretty self explanatory, grab your pot, add some heat, melt your candles.

Once the candles melted and I had fished all the wicks out of the pot I then poured it into my jar, I then waited a few mins for it too cool off a little before adding the leaves and flowers I had gathered from my yard. After I had added those I left the wax to set and came back to it, I added a few more little leaves and what have you and I was left with this.

And that is that, I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy Halloween DIY's, I have one more planned for next Monday, so, if you did like this one, then be sure to check back next Monday.

Until next time, take care x


  1. What cool ideas! I love the painted rose, and the cauldron candle is such a great idea!

    1. Thanks! the rose was definitely my favourite, It turned out better than I had expected!