Monday, 25 May 2015

Weekend Roundup

Hello, I hope you are well and that you are having a lovely weekend. Sadly mine is over and it is once again Monday, weekends need to last more than two days..just saying. Anyway, I actually had a pretty full and fun weekend, usually I just sit about watching Netflix but not this weekend, no, this weekend my best friend Sam came over and as always it was filled with fun and laughter and a minor incident involving her big old mouth blurting out who won the Eurovision song contest and ultimately ruining it for me, luckily my mum didn't hear her so she got to enjoy it when it came on... It's ok, Sam, I forgive you....kind of...Sam actually turned up after work on Friday and we watched a movie and obviously went to sleep. On the Saturday we did what we always do on a girls weekend and went thrifting, I didn't find too much but the things I did find were definitely gems. We had pizza later that night and decided that we were going to have a pj wearing, polaroid taking, karoke party, so we did exactly that, we spent 5hrs screaming songs at the top of our lungs. Sunday,was pretty chill, I took some photo's of Sam for her blog and we had a few visitors come by, my sister, my uncle and my brother, his girlfriend and their little girl, lily. All in all it was a pretty a good weekend and although I am sad that it's over I am also glad because it means I get my bed all to myself again.

Until next time, take care xx


  1. I'm happy to read that you had a full and fun girls' weekend with Sam. The movie watching, sleep (I could always use more), thrifting, pizza eating, PJ wearing, Polaroid taking, karaoke all sounds great! I confess to too much NetFlix watching alone myself. I hope your week goes well!

  2. Lovely pics

    Love Vikee