Monday, 2 February 2015

What I Was - January Edition

Hello, I hope all is well. I am back! and for good this time because I now have a new laptop so I have no excuses not to put up regular posts. Anyways, I thought I would attempt to do these "What I Was" posts again, I did about two or three last year and just completely stopped for whatever reason. But, seeing as it's a new year, I figured I would give it another shot. So, without further adieu, here it is. 

When it comes to music I go through obsessions where I just listen to either a few songs over and over or just a few artists over and over. January was mostly the same few artists over and over and they were, James Bay, Sam Smith, George Ezra, The Lumineers, Soul Asylum and Rage Against The Machine.

 If you had seen my Goals For 2015 post, then you would have seen that one of my goals was to read a book every month. I love to read and for some reason I did very little reading last year, which hurt my soul a little bit, not going to lie. So last month I managed to read two books and that was only because the first one, Voodoo Killers, was just a bunch of small true crime stories so I had finished that within two days. So I picked another book off of my shelf and got to reading. I had tried to read "The Last Of The Mohicans" a few times and just never got into it, but this time I managed to stick to it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the Voodoo Killers, I like reading and watching true crime things. I've always been interested in what makes someone do what they do and what it is in their brain that differs from those of us who don't just go out killing people. I almost studied Criminal Psychology because of it, but for some reason I talked myself out of it. Kind of regret that.

I really don't watch a lot of television and the list is even shorter seeing as The Walking Dead is on break and also the fact that I was extremely disappointed with this season American Horror Story, so I didn't watch the rest of that. Also, If you see * next to a tv show, it means that it's a show I watch everyday of every month of every year. lol. With that out the way, this is what I have been watching Friends*, The Simpsons*, Paranormal Witness, The Librarians and Kingdom Hospital, for the billionth time.

 Clothing wise I haven't been wearing any one particular item of clothing in the month of January. I pretty much wore something different every time clothing was required. Now, that doesn't mean I walk around in the nude lol basically, if I have no where I need to go, work, the shops, anything like that, I usually just stay in my pj's all day long, until its shower time and then I just put new pj's on. So clothing wise I didn't have a favourite item. Now, when it came to footwear the only pair of shoes that made it to my feet every time, were my docs. All my other shoes have been completely ignored, which is to be expected when you get a pair of shoes that go with absolutely everything you own!

That's it for January's "What I Was" post. I hope you have had a good weekend and I hope you have a good week and until next time, take care x


  1. It's good to see you're back and am looking forward to regular posts from you. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  2. Great idea for a post! I watched Kingdom hospital waaay back when it was first on TV, now I'm kind of itching to watch it again!

    1. Thank you. I did as well and I bought the DVD when a shop was shutting down and it was an insanely cheap price and I've constantly watched it ever since, I love it.

  3. Great post

    Love Vikee

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