Friday, 6 February 2015

January Collective Haul

I'm probably just going to do this every month, I don't have all that much money and instead of just showing one or two things per post, I figured it would make more sense just to lump everything together into one monthly post. Please excuse the drawn on door, my niece and nephew thought it would be a nice addition to the room when they were younger and I just haven't gotten around to painting over it. I'll get around to it one day....probably never. Just being honest. lol.

I thrifted this handmade knitted/crochet vest from Save The Children it was $5. I absolutely love it, I have thing for knitted/crochet type vests and I think they just go really well with my bell bottoms, especially my black velvet pair and just a band tee under it and a hat, I love hats. I just find that the vests add a little something extra to my outfit and I know own about 4 different types of knitted/crochet vests and I doubt that, that's the end of my collection.

I thrifted this jumper from Save The Children, as well and again it was also $5. It's a classic Vanessa jumper, I absolutely love black and white, especially when it's black and white stripes and I saw the top of this from a mile away and made a mad dash for it and I love it (you'll read that a lot in this post) I love the cut of it, even though it makes it hard to hang it up. I have broad shoulders, so the cut of this jumper is extremely flattering and it stops just as my shoulders round off into my arms, if that makes sense? So it shows off my shoulders nicely, which is great because my shoulders have to be one of my favourite body, so I'm happy about that.

This denim skirt wasn't thrifted, I got this from kmart and it was $15. I do love it, I should have gotten the next size down it's a bit loose around my waist, but then again had I gone down a size it would have fit my waist, but probably wouldn't have fit over my butt. That's my problem, small waist, big hips, butt and thighs. But it's fine I have worn it a few times with and over sized band tee and my docs. I'll still get use out of it.
that crochet blanket, that you'll see a lot in future posts because I love it as my background when I take photos. I thrifted that and it was $20 from Endeavor Foundation or if you're Australian then it'll just be Endo's. I love it, even though it tried to kill me. I went to jump off my bed and my toe got caught in it and I went down like a ton of bricks. I don't know what was worse, flying off my bed and almost dying (slight exaggeration) or the fact that my cat was just sat on my bed watching as the whole thing unfolded in front of her eyes and when I was laying on the floor making pathetic noises at her she closed her eyes and went back to sleep....thanks a lot poesy.

Back to the thrifted items. Again this was from Save The Children (they have the best stuff) and your probably thinking, why did you buy your grandmas dress? I admit it doesn't look like much in photos or on a hanger but it does look a whole lot better when its on. That being said it is several sizes too big for me but when I was trying it on I noticed it had belt loops and I knew that if I got some fabric of a similar colour, I would be able create a ribbon to loop through and tie it at the back to cinch it in, which would make it a lot more flattreing. So I bought it, plus it was only $2.50 so if I don't end up getting much wear out of it then I'm not exactly out of pocket. It does go great with my docs, just putting it out there.

Okay, this absolute favourite purchase, again from Save The Children it was $6 and its originally from GAP. It's a men's jumper, which are my favourite and I just love it soooooo much. It's a great fit and it doesn't make my arms look really big, which a lot of knitted jumpers tend to do. It's a great length, covers my butt so I can wear leggings with it and my docs and its not overly thick for knitted jumper even though it's a very dense knit, but it isn't heavy and it isn't extremely thick or bulky or chunky, its hard to explain lol. I'm just in love with it and I can't wait for the weather to start cooling down so I can wear it.

Last and by no means least, new laptop! it cost me $259 off of ebay, brand new, wholesale price. It is a HP 250 G3. It really is just a basic laptop and it does what I need it do and that's all that matters to me right now, as long as I can blog, listen to music and watch youtube, I'm a happy chappy...I love it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will more than likely be back on Monday with a new post and then again on Thursday because, Thursday is a pretty big, kind of, day. I won't say much more than that because I don't want to ruin the surprise. So I'll leave it at that. I hope you have a great weekend and until next time, take care xx


  1. Wow! You really do know how to thrift, I never seem to have that much luck with thrifting

    1. That's sweet of you to say, thank you.
      I always manage to find something, even if it just ends up being one item.

  2. So lucky you really found some cool stuff for such a good price!! I've got a new blog it would mean a lot to me if you would my once drop by and if you enjoy it maybe even follow. But by the way I love your blog!!!