Saturday, 9 August 2014

August Wishlist.

I feel my life is one giant wishlist. The curse of the broke, I suppose, all we can do is look and wish that a pile of money somehow magically appears in our bank account. It's even worse when, like myself, you are a complete shopaholic. Seriously, I need to stop wasting time looking at things I cannot purchase. It's extremely depressing at times, lol. Also, Sorry that my posts have been all over the place and not as regular. I work two days a week now and it has completely thrown me off, I'm easily thrown. I work on Monday's and Tuesday's and I usually posted on Tuesday's and Friday's and I was going to change that around but felt there was no point seeing as I can just schedule my posts, anyways. I didn't post yesterday, Friday. I got side tracked with playing The Sims 4 Create a sim demo...priorities and all that jazz. haha. But, everything will be back on track starting next week. But for now here are the things I have been lusting after...

  1. Tie-Dye Garfield Dress
  2. Hatefuldead Tank
  3. Cabo Flatform (FYI, I only like these style of shoes in the platform, form. I'm a sucker for platforms)
  4. Daisy Top
  5. Skeleton/Day of the dead Shirt
  6. Suede Fringe Bag
That's all for this post, I hope you have a great weekend and until next time, take care x


  1. Ohh, that daisy top is so cute. And yes, it is pretty depressing when I keep browsing for stuff I can't afford but I still can't stop! LOL!

    1. neither can I, I just have to accept that it's what I do lol

  2. Came across your Blog I would just like to say that your blog is amazing..I love the design and the pictures.. Just amazing

    If you have a minute please come over to my Blog leave a comment if you would.... it would mean a lot

    have a lovely day.. Keep up the good work

    Jade :D

  3. I love the fringe bag!!!!

    Ciao bellissima!!!

  4. I love number 4 soo much!

  5. Haha I know how it is! I hate looking a all the stuff I want, but knowing I am way too broke hah!
    That Garfield dress is so funny and cute!

    Miss Anna Rebecka

    1. And yet we continue to do it to ourselves haha.
      One day we'll learn


  6. Ooh ooh ohh that fringe bag! And I am the queen of easy distractions haha

    Cats in Crop Tops

  7. That daisy top is to die for! It's perfect :D I love the colours too. I've just started my own blog and if you're interested you are very welcome to visit. Followers are desperately needed!!

  8. I love the cute Garfeild dress, so quirky and perfect for the last days of summer.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

    1. absolutely, we are just coming out of winter so i found it just in time for the warmer months

  9. Great post! I love the bag and shoes!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Stop by my blog for all of the details! :)

  10. oh the bag is so lovely :-)