Monday, 19 May 2014

My Best Friends Wedding

This Saturday just gone, I attended my best friends wedding and, of course, it was a beautiful affair. It was a backyard ceremony and her fiancee, his father and his brother had gone to great lengths to make it look stunning, there were flowers, lanterns, fairy lights and purple tissue paper pom poms, which myself, Sam aka the bride and the grooms step mother sat and made. It was just beautiful. The grooms mother had prepared all the food and even I had a helping hand, I made the wedding cake! which I heard was a hit and I had a couple of people come up and tell me how good it was, Yay me. I stayed over the night before the wedding to help out with photo's, they had a photographer but I said I would help out when needed and in the end I was responsible for taking the guys photo's. I was also the main photographer on the night, taking the first dance photo's, the cake cutting photo's and just the general fun snaps which the photographer had earlier asked to see so she can pick some out, edit them, and put them with the official wedding shots.The day started at 5:30am, thats when the hair and makeup people rang the doorbell...keeping in mind it's the middle of autumn so 5:30 is relatively cool and pitch black outside, if you had night vision you would have been cracking up at my less than impressed face when that doorbell rang, also, the wedding wasn't even till 2pm and they were all done and dusted and out the door by 11am...wasn't happy about that, actually, nobody was happy about that. I didn't need my hair and makeup done because I had given up my bridesmaids duties in order to take photo's. So I was just chilling with the brides nephews just watching abc for kids. I headed off to where the boys were at, at about 12.30pm waited around for them to get back and then just snapped away. As it was getting closer to the actual ceremony the guys started getting the kids ready for their wedding duties, they looked so dang cute!. Once that was done I met up with our friend Gabe who was recording the wedding for them. We just hung around in our prime positions laughing, joking and nearly being decapitated by fishing wire holding the lanterns and pom poms up. Just passing the time whilst waiting for the bride, who was, of course, fashionably late. The ceremony was beautiful the groom was holding back tears when he was reading his vows and he set a few people off the moment we heard his voice break. There was a hand tying ceremony and then of course the signing of the marriage certificate. Everyone was rounded up at certain points to take their photo's with the bride and groom, except me, I kind of was forgotten but I didn't mind too much. They had a brilliant DJ who is a personal friend of the grooms family and has dj'd plenty of their events. He's also a singer so he performed some songs live, I was very impressed with the songs he played, all the normal wedding songs, you know, nutbush, macarena. All the songs that are guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor. I was also super impressed at the end of the night when most people had left the dj was still going and he was playing the greatest sing a long songs ever! so the bride and I, along with a couple other people, were belting out song like Sweet Caroline, Jesse's Girl and Edge of Seventeen ( Im a massive Stevie Nicks fan, so I was super excited to be belting that out). Snaps to the dj for his excellent playlist. The first dance was beautiful and the song they danced to was, You and Me by lifehouse which was just, so sweet. All in all it was just a great day/evening and I am so honored to have been apart of such a special day. I hope you all have had a good weekend and until next time, take care x


  1. Beautiful pictures :)

  2. Awww she looks so pretty and beautiful pictures! Nice blog! <3

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  3. Such beautiful photos! Sounds like it was a lovely wedding and that's awesome you got some unexpected cash from the photographer! :D

    1. Thank you, it was lovely and I couldn't believe it when I found out. It was most kind of her to do that :)

  4. Great post! Gorgeous pictures too:)

  5. how lovely :)

  6. So sweet!! :)

  7. Ah such a lovely post :) Just followed you!