Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wishlist #1

    Cherry Dr Martens
      Free People Lou Buttondown Dress
      Nikon D5200
      Shop Dixi Witching Hour Crescent Moon Necklace

Evening all, hope all is well. This evening I have opted for a wish list post, now, this was not my original post. My original post was going to be and outfit post. I was going out shopping with a friend and figured "hey, ho, why not? I'll be all dressed and presentable anyway. Perfect", little did i know that my bathroom door had other plans for me!. As i was fixing my hair, my phone rang. I whipped around and proceeded in a bit of a hurry to go answer it, however!, on my way out my second last toe collided with the edge of the door, thus breaking it in the process. So as you can understand I was super pissed off and in a lot of pain so the last thing i wanted to do was stand around taking photos of my outfit. So alas, this is how this post came about. Now that you are all caught up on my horrendous start to the day, I'll move swiftly along.

I've been lusting after this free people dress for a little while now, I love anything free people related, but, sadly, as a student and even if I was working, the prices are little bit of a stretch for me and I tend to have to wait till it's in the sale section to even be able to afford anything from there. Sad but true.
I've seen the crescent moon necklace absolutely everywhere, any and every youtuber i watch has this one, or something similar to it. I've always loved crescent moons, and I have, for the longest time, been looking for necklaces likes this but I've never been able to find one. Well, until now, that is. I'll get around to getting one eventually, hopefully before it disappears all together!.
Another thing I've been wanting for as long as I can remember are a pair of Doc's, not just any pair, the cherry pair!. Hey, that rhymed..yes, I've been wanting these for the longest time and every time I finally save up for them, something happens and I need the money for grown up things, like bills and uni books.Things that keep you from buying pretty things. Damn you adulthood.
Last but no means least, a new camera. I have been after a new camera for almost two years now, and I have come so close in saving for one, so many damn times! but as always, adulthood gets in the way and ends up taking most of my money, and I'm back at square one, I don't like you square one. However, I will be getting it in May, you can bet your sweet ass on that! (I'm just assuming you have one). I've opted for the Nikon D5200 because I'm rather fond of Nikon camera's. So that's going to be a happy day, for sure.
That appears to be everything for now, if you took the time to read this! well done. you made it through my excessive waffling, round of applause. Until next time.

Bye Bye x


  1. Oh my gosh! That's terrible about your toe! Hope it feels better soon! I have the Nikon D5000 and I looovee it! There is nothing I wouldn't change about it. I assume the 5200 is an updated version so I think you will be very happy with it.

    1. My toe is feeling better, healing up well. I can walk on it now without too much pain, which is nice :) I love nikon cameras, personally, I feel they make the best and I think it's the 2nd model up from the D5000, I assume :)

  2. I adore crescent moon necklaces, as well! It's such a beautiful image. Gotta Love a cute dress & comfortable footwear. Sorry about your toe

  3. I just got a pair of cherry Martens and I LOVE THEM!